Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Breakfast Quinoa

I love a healthy breakfast in the mornings but it is usually easier to eat dry sugar cereal. Well, today I rode my recumbent bike and decided I was not going to waste all those calories. I decided to make a hot breakfast cereal out of quinoa (keen-wa). I found a recipe from Martha Stewart that is very good and versatile.
Breakfast Quinoa
 2 cups of low-fat milk
1 cup rinsed quinoa

cover and simmer 15 mins add sugar cinnamon and anything else you would like.
The Martha Stewart link above has a short video on this recipe.


  1. Great idea! I love quinoa but never thought about it for a breakfast cereal. I'll be making some tomorrow. Thanks

  2. I put the left overs in the fridge. My favorite way to eat the left overs is to warm it back up for 30 sec and add strawberries and sugar.


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